A Small Plugin for a
Small File
Experience the native magic of sharing Play files.
for Windows
Play Version 1.0.2

Easy Install

Double click on the downloaded “Play.exe” file. An installation guide will open. Just follow the presented steps.

If you created a Play file, go to “My Files” and download it, open and Voila! You have successfully installed the Play Plugin.

If you bump into any issues, please reach out to us via [email protected]

Try it Out

Double-click on any Play file you have, just as you would do with any other file, and it will start playing immediately. Listed below are a few test files for you to try.


With Play, you get an in-depth analytics report regarding your files whereabouts and usage. A Play file owner can obtain a precise real-time summary of his/her distributed data at any given time.

The analytics report includes the following information (and much more):

Tips & Tricks

Did you know? You can decide whether the notification badge will show at all times. To do that, go to “Settings” and enable the “Always show the notification badge” function.

Quick Links

Where to next? Some suggestions:

Play is currently supported by Windows (Alpha) and macOS only. Android and iOS are coming soon :)